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Summary0000472: Some windows, such as the sound bar and error log, open behind other windows
DescriptionI'm running windows 10. If I have my ghost open the sound bar with the --window=true option, the sound bar opens behind my other windows and I have to manually bring it to the front.

Additionally, I have noticed for a while now that if I get an error and click the notification in the notification center, the error log will open but it will open behind other windows. This did not used to be the case, though I'm not certain exactly when the change happened.
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2022-04-30 19:49

administrator   ~0001214

please check 2.5.93.


2022-05-01 12:27

reporter   ~0001218

The error log is working correctly now, but the sound bar still ends up behind other windows, and then can't be brought to the front again unless specifically clicked. No action from the ghost seems to be able to bring it to the front, so the only options are to move my other windows, or select the sound bar from the task bar and bring it to the front that way.


2022-05-01 21:02

administrator   ~0001220

Please retry 2.5.94.


2022-05-02 12:15

reporter   ~0001222

This works, thank you!


2022-05-02 18:20

administrator   ~0001223


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