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Summary0000406: Changing the anchorstyle multiple times in a script does not work
DescriptionI often use anchors to highlight important text, even if the text isn't clickable. This is to help make my menus compatible and easy to read with more balloons, especially when developing plugins.

While making some of my menus, I've noticed that if I alternate between anchorstyle,none and anchorstyle,default, they are not applied as expected. Example script:

\_q\f[anchorstyle,none]\_a[-]Some highlighted text\_a\nSome normal text\n\f[anchorstyle,default]\![*]\_a[OnSomething]An anchor that actually does something when clicked and should be underlined or otherwise highlighted when hovered over\_a

Alternatively, it would be helpful if I could just change the color of plain text to the anchor color without having to actually make it an anchor.
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2022-02-27 10:54

administrator   ~0001130

- problem fixed.

- add new tag : \f[color,default.anchor] \f[color,default.anchornotselect] \f[color,default.anchorvisited]


2022-02-27 11:04

administrator   ~0001135


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