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Summary0000388: dic files loaded with dicdir cannot be unloaded with DICUNLOAD
Descriptiondic files loaded with DICLOAD or specified in yayatxt can be unloaded with DICUNLOAD, but dic files that are loaded within dicdir cannot be unloaded with DICUNLOAD.

If this is not possible, perhaps this information should be listed on the DICUNLOAD page on the AYAYA wiki?
(Additionally, I noticed that the entries for DICLOAD and DICUNLOAD are not listed on this page, despite being on the alphabetical list )
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2021-12-16 13:37

reporter   ~0000984

I am steve02081504
DICUNLOAD cannot unload a dic file containing a function on the current call stack, please avoid this
I have considered optimising this by means of reference counting etc.
But I don't have the time


2021-12-18 02:42

reporter   ~0000995
Sorry I thought it was something else
Looks like it was just a string mismatch
Now fixed, please wait for the next yaya update


2021-12-18 08:30

administrator   ~0000998


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