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Summary0000335: Nonoverlap sometimes repeats an output candidate
DescriptionI have this test function in my ghost:

TestNonoverlap : nonoverlap

And I use this script to test it: \_q%(TestNonoverlap)\n%(TestNonoverlap)\n%(TestNonoverlap)\n%(TestNonoverlap)

For the most part it works fine, but if I run the script more than once, sometimes there will be a repeated output. For example:


If you remove the nonoverlap modifier you'll see that the outputs become much more chaotic, so nonoverlap is at least partially working, I think.

I'm using YAYA Tc562-2, though I was able to replicate this on older versions as well, so I don't believe it's a new issue.
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2021-11-12 16:32

administrator   ~0000915

Tc564-1 fixed.

In your sample, make sure that the number of function calls is always a multiple of 4, or you may eventually get duplicate candidates.
"nonoverlap" specification does not always work. It is reset every time a candidate in the function is exhausted, as with "sequential" option.

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