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Summary0000317: When ghosts are reloaded through the dev palette, they stop being on top

I believe this is related to 0000269
When you reload a ghost from the dev palette (specifically the 'ghost' option), they stop being on top of your windows. I have mine set to always be on top in the preferences, I don't use the sakurascript tag. Reloading through the right click menu seems to work fine, and reloading the shiori and shell separately also works fine.
It is also worth noting that I run many ghosts at once; this might behave differently with only one. If I minimize all my ghosts but one, then minimize and restore it, it will appear on top again as normal.

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2021-10-12 14:50

reporter   ~0000798

Additional details: I've noticed that pressing shortcuts like Ctrl T for surface test, or Ctrl Shift D for the dev palette on a ghost that is not staying on top seems to bring up the shell menu and dev palette for one of the ghosts that IS staying on top.
I also noticed that if I minimized all my ghosts and brought them back one by one, they all stayed on top until I brought back my main ghost...


2021-10-12 15:18

administrator   ~0000799

WINDOW Z ORDER SxxKS (sigh...)


2021-10-14 13:17

administrator   ~0000813

will fix next ver.


2021-10-14 14:46

administrator   ~0000818


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