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Summary0000274: Make a yatama exe
DescriptionThe thing is this: I want to add some functions to Tama (command-line parameters, etc.) to realize some thing. For example, after opening ghost development mode, Tama runs automatically. But I find that Tama seems not open source, and I don't know how to write another Tama
So I shamelessly came to BTS to make an appeal. Please forgive me
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2021-09-16 23:02

reporter   ~0000674


2021-09-17 00:45

reporter   ~0000675

I know how to get logs from yaya
But the problem is that I'm an idiot who can't draw windows
The most I can do is write a console program


2021-09-17 00:56

reporter   ~0000676

Great, I'm an idiot too.
I'll write an open source tama and when I'm done I'll post the link here
Probably "", or "".


2021-09-17 09:52

administrator   ~0000677

Below is logger tool requirement as a result of investigation from YAYA source code.

Receive Window Class : "TamaWndClass" (Any title is acceptable, Window class only.)

Receive Window Message : WM_COPYDATA

cds.dwData = mode;
cds.cbData = (wcslen(str) + 1)*sizeof(wchar_t);
cds.lpData = (LPVOID)str;

mode :
#define E_I 0 /* info */
#define E_F 1 /* fatal */
#define E_E 2 /* error */
#define E_W 3 /* warning */
#define E_N 4 /* note */
#define E_J 5 /* other(j) */
#define E_END 6 /* log end (program quit) */
#define E_SJIS 16 /* charset=SJIS */
#define E_UTF8 17 /* charset=UTF-8 */
#define E_DEFAULT 32 /* charset=OS Default */


2021-09-17 22:32

reporter   ~0000682
I think I can finish it in a week
If there are no surprises


2021-09-18 21:02

reporter   ~0000685

I'm not familiar with the win32api, so I don't know how to fix the problem that the current version of yatama causes the drag bar to return to the top every time the text is refreshed
So I'm asking how to fix it
Q~KAEFL1KR2YWAL6]OZ1{9C.jpg (10,563 bytes)   
Q~KAEFL1KR2YWAL6]OZ1{9C.jpg (10,563 bytes)   


2021-09-18 21:06

reporter   ~0000686

oh and how to achieve coloured text


2021-09-19 00:45

reporter   ~0000687

I just looked at the documentation for the TextOut function and I think I'm ready for it again
I'll try again tomorrow


2021-09-19 01:00

reporter   ~0000688

Great, it didn't work at all


2021-09-23 17:46

reporter   ~0000696

Sorry, I got stuck on the drawing window thing
In the meantime my real life has run into some things I have to do (I guess I've had some bad luck lately)
So I don't think I'll be able to finish yatama on time
If anyone knows anything about windows windows related, feel free to get involved
I'll take the time to work on the pull request as fast as I can

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