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Summary0000187: Strange error in the new GETERRORLOG

For some reason, when I look at the errors with GETERRORLOG, it always gives me this warning:

s_the_skeleton\ghost\master\system\system_config.txt(9) : warning W0000 : Syntax error. This line will be ignored.

The strange thing is, even if I erase all but the 4 lines that my system_config.txt absolutely needs, it still complains about a syntax error on line 9 when no line 9 even exists. However, I noticed that if I erase lines in yaya.txt, the line number changes. I tried cleaning up my yaya.txt so that it only has the lines I need in it and absolutely nothing more, and the warning still persists. If the ghost boots into emergency mode, I get the same warning twice.

Contents of my yaya.txt:

charset, UTF-8
charset.dic, UTF-8
charset.output, UTF-8
charset.file, UTF-8, UTF-8
charset.extension, UTF-8

include, system_config.txt
dic, s_string.dic
dic, s_aitalk.dic
dic, s_bootend.dic
dic, s_mouse.dic
dic, s_etc.dic
dic, s_menu.dic
dic, s_word.dic
dic, s_commu.dic
dic, s_nameteach.dic
dic, s_anchor.dic

dic, rys_menu.dic

//log, ayame.log

Contents of my system_config.txt:

dic, yaya_config.txt // YAYA:設定辞書。必ず最初に指定すること。

dic, system/yaya_shiori3.dic // YAYA:システム辞書
dic, system/yaya_optional.dic // YAYA:オプション機能群用辞書
dic, system/yaya_compatible.dic // YAYA:AYA過去互換用辞書

// log, ayame.log
ignoreiolog, ID: OnSecondChange //OnSecondChange無視
ignoreiolog, ID: OnMouse //OnMouse系無視


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