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Summary0000132: start and alternativestart drawing methods sometimes have a tiny bit of delay

This is a simplified version of the code I've set up. I've been setting up animation loops with start/alternative start, but I've noticed that sometimes when it loops, it flickers back to the default for just a moment, enough to be noticable. Even if you use Adjust SERIKO Wait in the dev pallete, the flicker seems to happen at the same speed. This leads me to believe it's a bug.


I'll attach a gif of the flicker happening. Note that I've decreased the weight values significantly to show the effects of the flicker more clearly, the actual animations I'm trying to set up have a much larger weight, such as 1000-6000. In the gif, the animation causes the eyes to look left, and the default frame is the eyes looking forward. With this loop, I should never see the eyes looking forward.



2021-02-27 04:52


21-2-26_02 Flicker.gif (41,594 bytes)   
21-2-26_02 Flicker.gif (41,594 bytes)   

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