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Summary0000414: Old b2 balloons show an extra arrow when waiting at a \x tag
DescriptionI'm not sure what version this started in, I think it must have been recent and I didn't notice until now. Possibly when the new balloon definitions were added.

When using a large size balloon (\b2) with \x, I've noticed that on the latest version of SSP, a down arrow will appear and blink at the incorrect spot. I think it might be appearing where the down arrow would appear normally on the \b0 balloon. This causes three arrows to appear at once on my balloon sometimes, depending on how I've scrolled.

Script for testing: \b2stuff\n[3000]more stuff\x

I did notice that if I use negative coordinates to set the position of the down arrow, I do not get this issue. Probably because my only coordinate specification in that case is in descript.txt, and not in balloons2s.txt... So I'm guessing it's a problem with the individual config files.
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2022-01-27 13:49

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