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Summary0000411: Balloon flickers when clicking on \__q or \q tags
DescriptionWhen clicking the menu choices of any ghost, I've noticed that the balloon often flickers. Depending on the color of the balloon and the color of whatever is behind it, this can be very jarring.

I did some testing and I discovered that this only happens with \__q and \q tags, not \_a tags. I've attached a gif, where I click each of the options repeatedly. You can see that the top two cause the whole balloon to flicker, whereas the \_a option only causes the text to flicker sometimes (which is also annoying, but not nearly as harsh on the eyes)

This is the YAYA code I used to test with:

OnFlickerTest : all

I also recreated this in Misaka to confirm it is not a YAYA issue, and I was able to reproduce it with this code:


I think this is important to fix if possible. I am not particularly photosensitive, but depending on the combination of balloon and whatever background my ghost is standing in front of, and how actively I am engaging with the ghost, this can be irritating even for me.

I should note also, I use hotkeys for some of my menus that allow the user to scroll back and forth through a few options, and I never have issues with the balloon flickering when doing this. The text will flicker, but not the whole balloon. I can mitigate the text flickering by using a combination of \C and \c, but I haven't found a way to stop the balloon itself from flickering.
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2022-01-19 12:25

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Ah, I should probably mention that I'm on windows 10, using the latest version of SSP. I get the same issue on windows 7 as well.


2022-01-27 13:49

administrator   ~0001075


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