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Summary0000348: Add new 'disable' text color to balloons, which can be used with the \f[color] tag
DescriptionWhen I'm making menus, I often want to have certain options be a different color if they're disabled. This is easy to do with the \f[color] tag, but I'm always worried that setting it to a particular color will make the display hard to read on some other balloons.

I would love to have an option to specify a 'disable' color within the balloon itself so that it could be customized per-balloon, but there are so many old balloons out there that wouldn't have this specification... But, I noticed this on Ukadoc for the owner draw menu, for if you omit the 'disable' color (menu.disable.font.color.r/g/b) :
(background画像の0,0の色 + menu.background.font.color * 2 ) / 3

Would it be possible to use this as the default 'disable' text color for the balloon as well? So the dev of the balloon can specify a particular color if they want, if not SSP will try to figure it out, and ghost devs can trust that their disabled menu options should at least be readable on most balloons.
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2021-12-17 16:53

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