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Summary0000300: Checkonly updates always return 'executing' error
DescriptionI didn't realize this until now since I keep auto-updates on my ghosts off, but since 2.5.26, all \![updatebymyself,checkonly] tags fail and return the error 'executing', even immediately after restarting SSP. A normal update tag works fine.
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2021-10-03 13:09

administrator   ~0000755

I can't reproduce this problem, but "checkonly" is not harmful, so I'll unlock double-executing lock.


2021-10-03 17:26

reporter   ~0000756

Hmm... I've looked a little more into it, and realized that the ghost that is having the 'executing' error every time is the only one of my ghosts that also performs a checkonly update for the shell and balloon after checking for ghost updates. That probably is a part of it as well. (This is the ghost in question: )
I tested with some of my other ghosts, and they seem to give the 'executing' error the first time I try a checkonly update after booting them, and then it works normally after that. It's very strange that they give an executing error before they've done any other checks at all.


2021-10-05 13:55

reporter   ~0000759

I've discovered something else, I'm not sure if it's of importance here or not. When my checkonly updates fail, OnUpdateFailure fires instead of OnUpdateCheckFailure. This explains why my ghosts are displaying error messages unexpectedly...
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2021-10-06 08:14

administrator   ~0000770


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