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Summary0000298: Word wrap has some issues
DescriptionText that was not cut off horizontally before is now cut off because of the changes to the validrect of balloons.
However, I believe that this is actually because of a more fundamental issue with how the word wrap works. I've noticed that words that have ' in them, and words that are between sakurascript tags like \f[color,lightblue]this\f[default] do not word wrap properly. I think if that issue could be fixed, then the text cutoff here would probably not be an issue in the first place.
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2021-10-01 12:24

reporter   ~0000732

Found another dialogue with an overflow issue, thought it might be helpful to actually show the validrect here.
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2021-10-01 15:23

administrator   ~0000734

relaxed validrect (left & right only)

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