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Summary0000220: When input boxes are opened, they have a blinking cursor in them, but they aren't always selected until you click on them
DescriptionIf you click on a ghost and then have it open an input box, the input box will be selected automatically and you can type in it. But, if you only click on the ghost's balloons rather than the ghost itself, the input box will appear with a blinking cursor, but trying to type in it won't work until you click on it (and oftentimes, it will type in the program you last clicked)

It's a small annoyance, but it has caused me (and a few other devs as well) to accidentally send nonsense messages in Discord by mistake, because I was trying to test an input box very quickly. The cursor blinking makes me think that it's ready for me to type in it, because if you open an input box and click away, there is no blinking cursor.
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2021-08-12 21:03

administrator   ~0000521

I can't reproduce this problem.
Please tell me more detailed steps to reproduce.


2021-08-13 18:25

reporter   ~0000528

I will include a gif to demonstrate, but it is hard to see the blinking cursor. I promise it is blinking, though.

-Open another program that has a text field in it, such as Discord or Notepad.
-Open the menu of a ghost by double clicking them. (This puts the ghost in focus, and opening an input box at this point would work properly)
-Click back into the other program you opened, and make sure you've clicked into the text field so that you can write.
-Clicking on the *balloon only*, navigate through the ghost's menus and click an option that brings up an input box, such as changing the user's name. The cursor in the input box should be blinking, but since the ghost is not the window in focus, anything you type will go to the other open program instead.

I think the best solution to this would be to make the focus switch to the ghost if a choice is clicked in the balloon, since that would ensure that if the user opened an input box by clicking on a menu choice they can type in it immediately. If that's not possible, it would also be acceptable for the cursor to not blink in this situation until the ghost is in focus.
It really is a tiny problem, but it does cause embarassment now and then... When testing my input boxes, I usually just press a few random keys and send it before I have a chance to realize it's gone to the wrong program. And I am definitely not the only one who has done this.
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2021-08-14 17:30

administrator   ~0000535


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