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Summary0000523: Unable to receive continuous socket SSTP
DescriptionThis is a problem that exists after the update to 2.6.13, where for multiple consecutive socket SSTPs, only the first one or two are received
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2022-08-05 07:57

administrator   ~0001300

Please provide detailed steps to reproduce the problem, or provide a sample program that causes the problem.
I have sent simple SSTP Send command multiple times via socket, though I have not been able to reproduce it.


2022-08-05 14:48

reporter   ~0001304

I sometimes use ghost terminal to debug ghost
After the 2.6.13 update of ssp, I opened the ghost terminal while debugging and typed the command, but got no response
According to, when running the command ghost terminal calls Has_Event and ShioriEcho events first, then ShioriEcho.GetResult is called once every second until ghost responds, but I only see Has_Event and ShioriEcho.GetResult in tama's event log. ShioriEcho's event calls don't seem to reach ghost
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