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Summary0000514: otf font files cannot be used directly anymore
DescriptionI was having troubles with this before but never managed to track it down, and then I think there was another issue submitted about font files that got resolved, so I never reported it. But now that I'm messing with font files again, I'm able to use ttf files without installing the font, by specifying the name in the balloon, and using the \f[name] command. However, this does not seem to be working for otf files. My friend is also trying the same thing, and can't get otf files working.

Windows NT 10.0.19043
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2022-07-13 17:04

administrator   ~0001292

Please tell me (or send me) problematic otf font.
Basically, file structure of ttf and otf are almost identical, so I think there are other programmatic causes.


2022-07-15 14:22

reporter   ~0001293

Apologies for the delay, I meant to send this a while ago. This is the font in question
I currently am using the Medium style, but I believe my friend was having trouble with the other styles as well


2022-08-02 17:14

administrator   ~0001297

Please try 2.6.13


2022-08-02 18:05

reporter   ~0001298

No luck with this change, the font is still not showing up if I try to load it directly from the file.

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