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Summary0000480: Suggestions for surface dumper
DescriptionI'm loving the surface dumper, I think it's going to be an excellent tool. I have some suggestions for features that I think would improve it.

For both the sakurascript tag and the dumper in the dev palette, could we get an option to specify the desired file name? As it is now, my files keep overwriting each other unless I make separate folders for them, which is a bit of a hassle. I think if you're dumping more than 1 image, it would be fine for the format to be something like specified_name*.png, where the * is just a count up from 0. Preferably, no number would be appended if you are only dumping a single image.

For the dumper in the dev palette specifically, my main problem at the moment is that I have to find where I want to dump surfaces to every time I use it. If it could remember the last folder I used, like how it does when I export nar files, that would be greatly appreciated and save a ton of hassle.

I think it'd also be great to have an option in the dev palette to just dump the current surface. This would be helpful if you're not certain what the current surface number actually is, so that you don't have to go digging around for it. Maybe a button you can click in the dumper interface, that just fills in the surface field with the current surface number for whichever character ID is written?

And finally, for the sakurascript tag, I think it would be great to have an option like --function=OnWhateverFunction, and have it direct to that function once dumping the surfaces is completed. Like the --async option in the http-get command.

Many thanks for your work on this so far; now that my ghosts are set up properly for this, it's looking like it will be very useful to me
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2022-05-04 17:30

administrator   ~0001238

2.6.00, except this one : "Preferably, no number would be appended".
Surface number should be always appended, otherwise, programmatic consistency would be lost when this function is executed from script,

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