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Summary0000479: Sometimes the surface dumper outputs a surface with empty space on the bottom
DescriptionMy ghost's images are all 255x231, but the surface dumper is outputting an image that is 255x250, with the extra space just being empty pixels on the bottom. I'm not sure why this is. It's only happening for one of my ghosts, but I am certain that the images are all the same size, since up to this point I have been using a SAORI to dump the images in a similar way.

This is the ghost in question (the nar file is too big to share directly, thanks to the SAORI)

I'll attach an image from the surface dumper, and the same image dumped by my SAORI.
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dumped_with_saori.png (37,096 bytes)   
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2022-05-04 06:11

administrator   ~0001235

This is because surface10 is 150x250.
Surface dumper always outputs calculated largest size from all surfaces.


2022-05-04 06:22

reporter   ~0001236

Ah! Yes, that solved it. It would be the one surface I didn't think to check, haha.
Thank you for your help!


2022-05-04 06:33

administrator   ~0001237


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