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Fixed in Version2.5 (リリース) 
Summary0000462: Odd behavior in OnTranslate
DescriptionI use string expansion in script input very frequently to run functions and check variables. Since the last SSP update (or maybe the previous one?), there has been some trouble with this. It seems that if I click on a menu option to close out the menu (runs no script, just closes the balloon), reference2 in OnTranslate will have the name of the empty function in it, preceded by a #
This interrupts the code in OnTranslate that does the string expansion, and makes it display as plain text instead.

This is the code:

    _talk = reference0
    if reference1 == "" && reference2 == ""
    //send input box : no event (ref2) , no special flag (ref1)
        EVAL('"' + REPLACE(_talk,'"','""') + '"')
    //event result from ghost

And this is the result in Tama, after closing out of a balloon and then trying to run %(OnSurfaceMenu) through script input:

// request
ID: OnTranslate
Charset: UTF-8
Sender: SSP
SenderType: internal
SecurityLevel: local
Reference0: %(OnSurfaceMenu)\e
Reference2: #OnCancel

// response (Execution time : 0[ms])
SHIORI/3.0 200 OK
Sender: AYA
Charset: UTF-8
Value: %(OnSurfaceMenu)\e

If I click on a menu option that does *not* close the balloon, such as going back to the main menu, then there will be nothing in reference2 and the code will work just fine.
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2022-04-01 04:47

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