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Summary0000389: Make it possible for disable text option to affect only color
DescriptionThe disable option is excellent, thank you for working on this.

Some of my balloons use bold text or outlined text by default, to improve readability. I have noticed that if I use a \f[disable] tag, the text will no longer have those attributes. I think either the disable option should not override the balloon's defaults (except color) when no specification exists, or there should be a tag like \f[color,disable] or \f[disable,coloronly] to specify that only the color should change.

I think I could use the new definitions to change how the disable text looks on the balloon side, but my concern is for other balloons that the user may use which I can't plan for. I want to avoid writing \f[bold,default]\f[italic,default]\f[shadowstyle,default] after every \f[disable] tag!
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2021-12-17 21:32

administrator   ~0000994

Please try \![color,disable]. It is already implemented.


2021-12-18 02:47

reporter   ~0000996

Ah, sorry, my mistake. This is what I get for trying these things out so late at night.

Thank you!


2021-12-18 06:39

administrator   ~0000997


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