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Summary0000320: some error i just found

A friend of mine downloaded the taromati2 and ssp simultaneous installation package online at
She then discovered a number of problems.

  1. the silent update on initial does not seem to work, this may be my problem, I will check it later
  2. the checkonly update returns twice: once for success and once for none
  3. There seems to be some problems with the unpacking of nar, creating empty directories that should not be there, as follows.

her system info as follow:
SSP/2.5.34 (20211006-1; Windows NT 6.1)

Compiler/12.00.8804 MFC/6.00.8063 SPDebugger/2.16.23119.A

libpng/1.6.38.git zlib/ libjpeg/9d 12-Jan-2020

OpenSSL 3.1.0-dev

TinyXML-2 9.0.0

SQLite 3.36.0

Windows 7 SP1/Wow64@x64 [UAC Enabled]

Intel 3192MHz Features:MMX SSE HT AES-NI

(Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz)

Package:1 Node:1 Core:6 Thread:12

Phys.Mem: 5223/8022MB All.Mem: 10543/16042MB

Network: IPv4/IPv6


0: \.\DISPLAY1 - Work=0,0,1920,1040 Monitor=0,0,1920,1080 Bpp=32 [PRIMARY]

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2021-10-15 10:13

reporter   ~0000827

In my testing so far
Issue 3 is stable and reproducible on Windows 7
Issues 1 and 2 are probably the same issue: when taromati is triggered with OnUpdateFailure during a silent update and reference0 is "executing", it cancels the silent update and returns to the normal update

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