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Summary0000278: Allow input boxes to pass additional reference values
DescriptionWhen accepting user input, I often need to create global variables in order to pass additional data through input boxes, to determine what should happen after the input. It would be a lot cleaner and simpler to do this if I could send that additional data as reference1 (or reference2 if using the OnUserInput event), alongside the user's input. Something like this?


This does look a little clumsy, I think, but it would simplify a lot of my code. I create a lot of menus that pass around data through the reference values, and input boxes always interrupt that flow!
If it were possible to send any number of references through an input box like this, that would be ideal, but I can make do with only a single reference if that is not an option.
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2021-09-15 11:26

administrator   ~0000668

please try such as this :



2021-09-15 11:26

administrator   ~0000669


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