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Summary0000277: Font outline acts strangely

I have noticed a couple of strange things about the outline option for text. Sometimes the display is completely broken, and text is almost completely unreadable. Hovering over a menu choice makes the text go back to normal.
Even when it seems to be working, the text itself is jagged if not over a dark background, and ONLY the outline displays; the text isn't filled in. This makes it difficult to read on balloons that have complicated images, which I think is where it would be most useful as an option to aid in readability. But perhaps this is intended behavior, I'm not sure. (If it is intended behavior, an option for filled text would be very nice to have...)



2021-09-13 13:08


image.png (19,726 bytes)   
image.png (19,726 bytes)   
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image-2.png (116,869 bytes)   

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