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Fixed in Version2.5 (リリース) 
Summary0000273: Updating again during silent update seems to cause a bug
DescriptionI don't know how this happened because it was reported to me by ghost users
It is possible that my ghost starts automatic silent update through Sakura script according to user settings after startup, but the user clicks update check or right-click to select Update in the menu at this time. Then, after ghost gets stuck, the user forcibly exits SSP several times
Finally, since ghost will be automatically updated silently as soon as it is started, but SSP will be stuck as soon as it is updateing, users can't use this ghost now
I think this may have something to do with ghost's updated file cache
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2021-09-10 08:25

reporter   ~0000664

Possible solution: add the event that is being updated but the update is triggered again to notify ghost, and invalidate the second update
And the update check at the updating time may require special design


2021-09-21 21:38

administrator   ~0000691

Double execution block implemented, and new error reason added.

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