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Summary0000244: New option to show only certain events in shiori log

Currently we can "blacklist" certain events from the shiori log, like so:
ignoreiolog, ID: OnSecondChange

But oftentimes, I only want to see the output of one or two events at a time, and all the other information tends to get in the way. It would be nice to have an option to change the blacklist to a "whitelist" instead, so that only certain events appear and I can focus on just the information I'm searching for (or in the case of bugs that happen randomly, I could leave my ghost running overnight and check the logs in the morning!)

Maybe something like this?
ignoreiolog, ID: OnMouseDoubleClick
(I think it's confusing to write ignoreiolog here when it's doing the opposite of that, but I don't mind it if it has to be that way)

The downside to this, of course, is that it can hide bugs if the event causing the bug is not whitelisted. But I think if blacklisting is the default behavior and you change it to a whitelist manually, it shouldn't be too bad.



2021-08-30 22:01

administrator   ~0000622

Please try Tc560-1

  • iolog.filter.keyword, OnSomethingTargetKeyword
  • iolog.filter.mode, whitelist

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