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Summary0000209: About the code page

Hey, I don't know if you are worried about the code page. I just want to say that when I added the tab function to my "ghost_terminal", I found a very interesting function:
This function can determine whether a character can be displayed, that is, it can be used to determine whether the code page is correct. When there are characters in the ghost name or readme document that cannot be displayed, it is almost certain that the current code page is wrong. At this time, you can change the code page to the native code page or common possible code page
And this function seems to be completely open source
Although there are also some texts that can be displayed under different code pages, at least we are compatible with some more, which may be what you need
Of course, if you find this feature hard to implement or anything else, just ignore and turn off this problem



2021-07-03 09:55

reporter   ~0000462

By the way, I also found an interesting macro: _AFX_NO_MFC_CONTROLS_IN_DIALOGS
If you use vs2017 and above, but the project does not use many new MFC controls added in vs2017, adding this macro can significantly reduce the size of the executable file


2021-07-03 10:04

reporter   ~0000463

/DYNAMICBASE:NO also has the ability to reduce volume, but it makes it easier for programs to be decompiled
I think it doesn't matter if the software is open source, such as yaya

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