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Summary0000207: Ghosts with their descript.txt in SHIFT-JIS don't display their ghost name properly when not running with the locale as Japan

Likely the same issue as with the readmes, I'm guessing? This is also important, as it makes it hard to pick ghosts of other languages out of the change/call ghost menus, and in some cases it hinders functions like OnCommunicate and OnOtherGhostTalk, or functions that read out the name of other open ghosts. This also affects things like the display of the ghost's name in the dev palette and surface test.



2021-07-01 17:08

reporter   ~0000453

I‘m steve02081504,%E6%96%87%E5%AD%97%E3%82%B3%E3%83%BC%E3%83%89


2021-07-01 17:24

reporter   ~0000454

I don't think I read the question carefully
Yes, there's a problem: when "charset, Shift_JIS " it is not added in descript.txt , SSP's behavior should be the same as when it is added (the document states that the default value is Shift_JIS, but SSP seems to use the native codepage)
Either update the document, or update the behavior of SSP, yep


2021-07-02 13:01

reporter   ~0000455

The issue is that I want to make a ghost that interacst with other ghosts, and I don't want my users (especially those who aren't ghost devs themselves) to have to go editing files. So editing the descript.txt of ghosts that don't belong to me isn't a good solution for my problem

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