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Summary0000201: Typos in YAYA error messages

A small batch of typos I found in the error messages.

errors E0053, E0054, E0065, and E0066, have "Syntax" misspelled as "Syntex"
error E0048 has "been" misspelled as "brrn"
warning W0009 has "Mismatched" misspelled as "Mismatced"



2021-06-30 12:02

reporter   ~0000444

(Not the original poster)
If you want, here is a list of all the error messages
I just don't think you know that, so mention it
If you don't want to do something boring like spell checking, just seen spelling problems when using yaya then give a feedback, please ignore it


2021-07-02 16:32

administrator   ~0000458

Please try 556-3

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