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Summary0000200: Multi mode support of yaya

Some ghost writers who focus on the plot will have such a demand: in some periods, a character leaves, in some cases, the user's choice will lead to the death of the character, and it is hard to repeat the judgment of the current mode in each event.
Can we add some mechanism to switch modes?



2021-06-29 12:08

reporter   ~0000432

I'm steve02081504(not the one who raised this question.)
In my opinion, the role of yaya.dll is to transform the contents of dictionaries into reactions to events. The emergency mode is an exception: the existing dictionaries are wrong
If you need multimodal support, I think it is more appropriate to modify the underlying Dictionary: yaya_shiori3.dic and others, these dictionaries are responsible for converting the SSP request message into function call, adding your mode judgment near “if SUBSTR(SHIORI3FW.Eventid, 0, 2) != "On"”, and using ISFUNC and EVAL functions to complete this mechanism.


2021-06-30 09:16

administrator   ~0000440

I think I can provide "mode change" function of YAYA, using mechanism of emergency mode.
But it should be very heavy-load function because all dictionary should be loaded and parsed (almost same as reloading yaya.dll).

As steve02081504 says, multi-mode function in YAYA can implement using ISFUNC and EVAL, without any special implementations.
It's more efficient and proved approach.

Do you still need this feature despite the above restrictions?


2021-06-30 09:16

administrator   ~0000441

Last edited: 2021-06-30 09:17

(status : change to feedback)


2021-06-30 12:13

reporter   ~0000445

No, thank you. I don't think I need that support now
I've never seen inside things of yaya_shiori3.dic and other dictionaries, now I think I can do more


2021-06-30 12:19

administrator   ~0000446

Closed : no need to implement.

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