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Summary0000199: Add a function to yaya to get the name of the current mode

When I use the backup dictionary to boot to the emergency mode, I am confused about how I know it is normal mode or something other

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2021-06-29 18:11

reporter   ~0000437

(Not the original poster)
My personal solution to this is to load a new file called emerg.dic when in emergency mode. emerg.dic has a function like this:


Then, to determine if the ghost is in emergency mode, all I have to do is write
if IsEmergencyMode
if ISFUNC("IsEmergencyMode")

For most of my ghosts, though, I don't even load their normal dic files in emergency mode. If you give your emergency mode a completely unique dic and don't load the normal ones at all, there is no need to check if the ghost is in emergency mode or not, since it must be if that file is loaded.

Whether this function is added or not, maybe these workarounds can help you


2021-06-30 04:50

administrator   ~0000438

Please use GETSETTING('coreinfo.mode') -> return 'normal' or 'emergency'
Tc556-2 fixed.

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