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Summary0000194: let /? or --help as an acceptable command line parameter for SSP

I found that using the /G parameter can make SSP run the specified ghost, but I didn't find /? or --help let me know more optional parameters
Can we improve this part?



2021-06-30 09:19

administrator   ~0000442

I'm not sure what you want to do with the above suggestions, so please let me know in more detail what you want to do.


2021-06-30 11:47

reporter   ~0000443

Now, I just want to know what else SSP can do through the command line, no other requirements
If SSP supports command line parameters, why not provide /? Or --help switch to display command line help? Even if display the UI from the command line --help (such as Notepad++), it's better than not: it gives people a quick guide to trying SSP command line parameters. If there is no response, you may think that it does not support command line parameters

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