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Summary0000193: Increase number of errors output to error log

This may not be possible, I'm guessing the number of errors stored in GETERRORLOG and output to the error log is capped to 20 for performance reasons, but if it's possible to increase the limit (or add a setting to change the limit) that might be helpful.
With certain errors, having an error at the top of the file means that everything else in the file will end up messed up, and Tama can show hundreds of errors. Usually, the error message at the top is the one nearest to where the actual issue is, but since GETERRORLOG only saves the last 20 errors, it doesn't keep the most important one in a situation like that.
Having the errors directly in the error log is already amazing, so I'm not too worried about this, but I figured I should ask if it's possible



2021-06-28 15:29

reporter   ~0000431

Hey, I'm steve02081504(not the one who raised this question.)
It's not that the function you said can't be realized, but Yaya may generate warnings at runtime. If we keep all error reports, it means that it will be a "RAM disaster" to turn on ghost for a long time
We can solve this problem in other ways. For example, we can manage the function to get the load time error and the function to get the run time error separately, and provide the function to clear the error record...
Well, maybe I need to think about how to do it. I don't have a workable idea in my mind


2021-06-30 04:51

administrator   ~0000439

limitation relaxed to 100 errors.

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