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Summary0000189: draft code:support of 'dicdir' in yaya.txt

I wrote draft code to implement function

With the advent of Tc555, I think it is necessary to complete this function, which makes it easier for DIC backup in emergency mode directly by folder copying: we judge whether there is an error when loading by 'if GETERRORLOG', while the content of emergency.txt only needs 'dicdir,dic_backup', instead of following the content of yaya.txt

Reasons for not submitting PR:
1.This is the draft code

  1. All the files in my fork have been converted to utf8. Submitting PR will lead to garbled code in your branch
  2. I'm also trying to build LOADDIC and other functions (maybe later... Maybe)

PS: Tc555 is great, thanks.


parent of 0000182 closedponapalt Let Yaya support automatically contain the entire folder‘s dic file 
parent of 0000181 closedponapalt run time dic file load 



2021-06-27 21:58

administrator   ~0000429

Tc556-1 implemented.

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