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Summary0000186: Add optional warning message that ghost has booted into emergency mode

The new emergency mode is excellent, I think it will definitely improve my workflow. I would like the option to have a warning message when the ghost boots into emergency mode, though, to make it immediately clear when an error has occured. Some devs may not want that, so perhaps it should be an option in the preferences menu?



2021-06-25 19:48

reporter   ~0000413

Hey, I'm steve02081504(not the one who raised this question.)
When there is no dic\txt of emergency mode, the working mode of yaya-555 is the same as that of the original yaya (554 and before): it does not respond to the requst of SSP
I don't understand what your problem is. Can you describe it in detail?


2021-06-25 20:01

reporter   ~0000414

My problem is that I have already had an instance where I was confused why my ghost wasn't working after I reloaded it, because I was testing things in emergency mode and forgot to fix the error in the normal dic files. I would like to have access to emergency mode and having my ghost read out errors to me, while still having a very clear(and consistent) indicator that the main dic files have an issue. I think this would also be beneficial for less experienced devs, to reduce confusion. There should never be ambiguity when it comes to error handling.
Aside from that, I like the way this feature was implemented, it will be a great improvement to some of my ghosts in particular.


2021-06-25 20:17

reporter   ~0000415

Hey, you just need to use GETERRORLOG and add a warning in the emergency mode of your ghost. When you overload and enter the emergency mode instead of the normal situation. Your ghost will give you a warning and ask if you want to open the corresponding file. Isn't that great?


2021-06-25 20:30

reporter   ~0000416

Here are two tips for emergency mode:

  1. The two pattern variables are common, but DIC is not
    You can use variables to let your ghost prompt you whether this is normal mode or emergency mode
  2. You can try 's PushAdditionalReturn and the ErrorLevel in : uses the built-in error level mechanism of SSP and pass the internal errors of Shiori or ghost to it


2021-06-26 03:27

reporter   ~0000418

I am using GETERRORLOG, and I do have my ghost instantly warn me when there is an error. But there are still edge cases where this doesn't happen, such as if I use script input to try and test something immediately after reloading, overriding whatever error the ghost was going to give. Also, again, it would be for consistency across ghosts, as well as more clarity, especially for newer devs who have no idea what emergency mode is.
I've proposed it as an optional setting, so if you don't like it you don't have to have it on. Error handling should never have ambiguity or the chance for confusion.


2021-06-26 11:06

administrator   ~0000422

I've add ErrorDescription SHIORI header ( = error message display functionality in SSP ) in yaya_shiori3.dic just now.
Please see below files.

With default settings, you can see error message in SSP, only critical error and only emergency mode .


2021-06-26 11:07

administrator   ~0000423

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