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Summary0000179: Some methods of compressing the size of install package

Hey, I know this may sound silly, but I'd like to tell you I just found out that if We use We can compress the size of tens of KB on the image of SSP
and If we cancel the upx of DLL and exe in package, we can make the zip smaller than before



2021-06-17 04:58

administrator   ~0000395

Thank you for your good opinion. I'll unpack UPX compression.
PNGGauntlet execution time is too long and I think it's not worth tens of KB size reduction.


2021-06-17 17:13

reporter   ~0000400

I'm just saying that we can use pnggauntlet and unzip upx to handle the SSP installation package instead of using it to build NAR
I don't know if you understand me wrong,,,


2021-06-20 12:01

administrator   ~0000406

I've re-uploaded / .exe
This package includes re-compressed PNG files and UPX-unpacked DLLs.


2021-06-20 12:01

administrator   ~0000407

(state changed)


2021-07-02 16:27

administrator   ~0000457


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