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Summary0000178: About big file update

Sometimes I put a file with the size of several MB in my ghost, but I find that if the download error occurs during the SSP update, It will not try to download the file again or continue to download it, Just directly fail to update it
Can we fix this problem?



2021-06-17 04:59

administrator   ~0000396

Please tell me a more specific method to reproduce (e.g. sample ghost to test).


2021-06-17 10:45

reporter   ~0000398

I have arranged a ghost to test this problem, but I don't think the server's network speed will repeat this problem. It's too fast.
The problem I want to explain is: if SSP can try to continue downloading when the file fails to download, if can't continue , try to download again several times, and finally report an error, it may make some situation much better
Or save the downloaded files when the update fails so that they can be skipped the next time you start the update
You know, sometimes when thousands of files are downloaded, just because one file fails, the whole update has to be restarted. It's very destructive


2021-06-17 10:48

reporter   ~0000399

At the same time, if the paths of the two files are different and the MD5 and size are the same, I think we can skip the download phase and copy them directly. Well, this is just a small optimization. I just mention it by the way

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