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Summary0000177: make Shiori work normally when dic file wrong

If we design a mechanism to make Shiori work normally when DIC file is wrong, ghost can also respond to this error?
I know this function may be very difficult to implement, but it will be very helpful for ghost with its own debug function
We can save the DIC content that did not make an error the last time, and load the last correct build when loading error occurs, and then call a function with error information, file name and number of lines as parameters

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has duplicate 0000175 closedponapalt If the dic file wrong, return the wrong content through ErrorDescription & ErrorLevel in response 



2021-06-17 09:11

reporter   ~0000397

I'm not the original poster, but I have some concerns about this. If a ghost appears to work despite an error, it may cause confusion.
Showing the sort of error messages Tama gives in the error log would be excellent and greatly improve workflow, but if it's to be handled with an event in the ghost, it needs to be set up carefully so that errors can't be misunderstood and ignored. SERIKO errors are often ignored because they don't cause the shell to stop functioning.


2021-06-17 17:24

reporter   ~0000401

Yes, if it can work normally under the error condition, it may cause the error to be ignored
Therefore, ghost's error handling event should ensure that users can be informed, which is a problem that DIC authors need to consider
What Yaya needs to do is to provide this function and its switch (in yaya.txt or somewhere else), and when DIC does not have this event, such as That makes mistakes more intuitive.


2021-06-25 11:59

administrator   ~0000412

Please try ver. Tc555-1

  • Use emergency config file yaya_emerg.txt for minimal operation : syntax is same as yaya.txt
  • Use GETERRORLOG() to get last loading error

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