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Fixed in Version2.5 (リリース) 
Summary0000170: Can't get X-SSTP-Returns when Value empty
Descriptioni writed a sample for X-SSTP-Returns :
but there was an error when non Value return:
// request
Charset: UTF-8
Sender: void
SecurityLevel: local
ID: On_ShioriEcho.GetName

// response (Execution time : 0[ms])
SHIORI/3.0 200 OK
Sender: AYA
Charset: UTF-8
X-SSTP-Return-GhostName: Taromati2
X-SSTP-Return-UserName: steve

exe get this from SSTP:
SSTP/1.1 204 No Content
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2021-06-07 19:23

reporter   ~0000382

I just found that it could be just SSTP_Linker's problem...
Or SSTP_Linker has problems too.
I may need to look at the code again


2021-06-07 23:05

reporter   ~0000383

I put most of the SSTP_linker code problem fixed
It is true that there is no X-SSTP-Returns can get when Value empty

And also, I think there may be some problems in the code conversion when sending the SSTP message from SSP.
I checked the SSTP_linker's code conversion of SSTP message that should has no problom, but my program can't send and receive non half width characters correctly.

One last thing. After every communication with SSP, SSTP_linker has to disconnect and relink the Socket (otherwise, the next communication cannot be carried out). Is this intentional? Or is it just that my program is not well written?


2021-06-08 04:54

administrator   ~0000384

I'll check and fix it.
SSTP server can't process "keep-alive" style connection like HTTP, because of compatibility problem.
I think it's not critical limitation because TCP/IP connection cost via loopback interface is trivial, but if you want more efficient method, please consider DirectSSTP (WM_COPYDATA to window).


2021-06-08 09:48

administrator   ~0000385

2.5.04 FIXED

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