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Fixed in Version2.5 (リリース) 
Summary0000166: some events have no docs
DescriptionThis is after I added OnNoMatchingEvent( & Get_UKADOC_ofEvent( function to my ghost
I find that there are some events that don't appear in the document
For example: OnHouchi
Can you add them to docs?
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2021-06-04 10:53

administrator   ~0000368

OnHouchi is houchi.dll SAORI event, but it is raised always due to SSP compatibility infrastructure bug.
I'll fix it.

Note: you can get OS idle time from OnSecondChange Reference4 : it's nearly same as OnHouchi Reference0 (Only the difference between minutes and seconds.)


2021-06-06 14:02

administrator   ~0000370

2.5.03 FIXED

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