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Summary0000126: Add traditional Chinese language and update simplified Chinese

Sorry, it's not difficult, but last year I've been adapting to the new environment of the university so that I don't have time to do it.
by steve02081504

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2021-01-30 18:10

reporter   ~0000234

the charset of chinese-traditional/message.txt should be 'charset,UTF-8' not 'charset,UTF-8',I just found out I messed it up.
this is a patch to fix it

chinese-traditional.7z (3,627 bytes)


2021-01-30 18:18

reporter   ~0000235

And if you need Cantonese (a Chinese dialect) or ancient Chinese pack, I think I can also provide them, It's not very hard
Although this is largely unnecessary(Just for fun!)(。・∀・)ノ


2021-02-28 22:34

administrator   ~0000249

Thank you for your contribution.

From SSP 2.4.91, I make language pack "installable".
Please check uploaded language packs in our website.

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