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Summary0000121: Passive Mode does not stop double clicking as Ukadoc says

I have to use a translator to read Ukadoc, so I am not sure if this text: "nar ダブルクリックも無視。" means that OnMouseDoubleClick should not occur during passive mode, or if double clicking a .nar file should not cause it to be installed while in passive mode. OnMouseDoubleClick still occurs during passive mode, and .nars are possible to install by double clicking during passive mode, so either way the information is not correct. Unless there is another meaning that I can't understand through the translator? Or it could be a bug with SSP.

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2021-03-28 22:17

administrator   ~0000294

It's SSP bug. Fixed at 2.4.94.

"nar ダブルクリックも無視。" means ignore double clicking a .nar file.
From 2.4.94, you can still install .nar while in passive mode, but OnInstall**** event isn't raised.

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