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Summary0000112: sounds stop working

When using the ![sound,play,File Name] and ![sound,option,File Name] commands, the error "[DShow] An object or name was not found." shows up after using the command multiple times. In result, the entire SSP sound commands stop working and no sounds play at all.
Using a new installation of SSP fixes it.

「!sound, play, ファイル名」と「!sound, option, ファイル名」のコマンドを使っていますが、音が鳴らなくなりました。「[DShow] An object or name was not found.」というエラーメッセージが出ました。新しくインストールされたsspでは音が鳴ります。



2020-10-21 12:48

administrator   ~0000224

I had added some fix in 2.4.89. Please try it.


2020-10-21 21:00

reporter   ~0000227

The error still occurs, but now it doesn't stop all SSP sounds from working anymore. It only happens with certain japanese songs?

"Eve - デーモンダンストーキョー.mp3"
"ウォルピス社 - -Cover- ウォルピスカーター"
"ななし - Original v flower/ ディジーディジー"
show "[DShow] Cannot play back the file. The format is not supported."

"トミノ - ドラマツルギー_Eve【Ver.トミノ】" <- this works
"トミノ - ノイローゼ_蜂屋ななし【トミノ.Ver】" <- but this one not

I tried finding the reason but I can't figure it out.


2020-11-04 23:57

reporter   ~0000231

Sound bug still not resolved, perhaps still encoding issues?
Additionally, the sound command now breaks an open balloon half a second after executing the sound script.


2021-03-21 13:50

administrator   ~0000269

Please try 2.4.93.


2021-03-25 07:27

reporter   ~0000285

I'm not the original reporter, but I've been testing this too and it seems that songs are able to play now. The only issues are that the rate option doesn't work for songs that were previously not working, though it works fine for songs that were already working. Also, --sound-only=false does not show a window unless it's a video file.

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