0000284: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] improve the specification (ponapalt)
0000273: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Updating again during silent update seems to cause a bug (ponapalt)
0000276: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] LZMA support has disappeared (ponapalt)
0000278: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Allow input boxes to pass additional reference values (ponapalt)
0000272: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] OnGhostChangingの後にOnCloseが発生しない (ponapalt)
0000270: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] balloonwait tag carries across scripts (ponapalt)
0000271: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] absolute changes with balloonwait tag (ponapalt)
0000264: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Sakurascript tag to temporarily adjust text speed (ponapalt)
0000268: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] ゴーストのネットワーク更新が反応しなくなった (ponapalt)
0000263: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Dialogue is no longer displayed in OnUpdate events (ponapalt)
0000223: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Add a sakurascript tag for updating plugins (ponapalt)
0000256: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] 壁紙変更イベントでpngが使えない (ponapalt)
0000240: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] 起動に時間がかかる (ponapalt)
0000241: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] cache the downloaded files to avoid repeated downloads when the update fails (ponapalt)
0000178: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] About big file update (ponapalt)
0000249: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] an unknow error when update ghost (ponapalt)
0000251: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Various layout errors in the English translation (ponapalt)
0000232: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] About the code page of update.dau (ponapalt)
0000237: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Option in English Explorer Headlines functions menu grayed out (ponapalt)
0000242: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Extend the syntax of developerp_options.txt (ponapalt)
0000215: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Speed up the construction of update.txt by caching the last modification time of files and folders (ponapalt)
0000239: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Button in Calendar causes crash (ponapalt)
0000245: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] a crash (ponapalt)
0000192: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] add new sakurascript to open editer with file and linenum (ponapalt)
0000195: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Interact with ghost using web link (ponapalt)
0000164: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] language pack homeurl (automatic update) (ponapalt)
0000235: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Duplicate option in menu 121 (ponapalt)
0000234: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] new event to notify ghost what language is the user using (ponapalt)
0000231: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Double clicking balloon while checking for mail causes a crash (ponapalt)
0000233: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] When SSP is running /? or --help will have no effect (ponapalt)
0000210: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] SSP crashes randomly - update (ponapalt)
0000228: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Show warning when SSP is running in temporary directory (ponapalt)
0000229: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Shortcut Key for Balloon Scaling Option inconsistent between languages (ponapalt)
0000180: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Make it possible to select multiple intervals at once in surface test (ponapalt)
0000225: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Let test update events be cancelled by double clicking the balloon (ponapalt)
0000224: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] When SSP is running /? or --help will have no effect (ponapalt)
0000202: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Text issues in SSP (ponapalt)
0000220: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] When input boxes are opened, they have a blinking cursor in them, but they aren't always selected until you click on them (ponapalt)
0000194: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] let /? or --help as an acceptable command line parameter for SSP (ponapalt)
0000176: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Give test update events in the dev palette the ability to test any number of files (ponapalt)
0000211: [整備班:YAYA] Returning local arrays in recursive functions no longer works in the latest versions of YAYA (ponapalt)
0000214: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Delete or update the update cache after ghost is repeatedly installed (ponapalt)
0000217: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Inform the user of the download address of LAV filters when the audio file cannot be played (ponapalt)
0000218: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] add new sakurascript to build Update.dau (ponapalt)
0000203: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] 'Disable Single Instance Lock' not functional (ponapalt)
0000190: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] let nar file support password and 7-zip (ponapalt)
0000208: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] When a script contains an anchor, clicking the balloon will cause it to flicker (ponapalt)
0000198: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] The icon becomes blurred when the screen resolution is adjusted (ponapalt)
0000207: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Ghosts with their descript.txt in SHIFT-JIS don't display their ghost name properly when not running with the locale as Japan (ponapalt)
0000206: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Readme files display improperly depending on the locale of the computer (ponapalt)
0000222: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] PLUGINへのOnTrayBalloonClickイベント横流しが来ていない (ponapalt)
0000216: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Mac OS Big surでWineを使ってSSPを起動したとき、バルーンの描画がされない (ponapalt)
0000221: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Some improvements on NAR password (ponapalt)
0000184: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] さくらスクリプト![biff]が、アカウント指定しないと動作しない (ponapalt)
0000196: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] version.png can't show in whole (ponapalt)
0000132: [SSPBT:ゴースト] start and alternativestart drawing methods sometimes have a tiny bit of delay (ponapalt)
0000129: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] エクスプローラを開いた状態でゴーストのアンインストールをするとエラー&終了 (ponapalt)
0000173: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Make Stop and Start methods able to handle multiple intervals at once (or add a new method for this) (ponapalt)
0000171: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] NOTIFY SSTP/1.1でScriptが実行されない (ponapalt)
0000172: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] SSTP return 204 No Content when SHIORI return 400 Bad Request (ponapalt)
0000137: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Expand SSTP support (ponapalt)
0000170: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Can't get X-SSTP-Returns when Value empty (ponapalt)
0000084: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] ヘッドラインについて (ponapalt)
0000168: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] バルーン位置補正有効設定が無視される (ponapalt)
0000165: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] When surfaces with dressups are called in an animation, sometimes the dressup is misaligned (ponapalt)
0000166: [UKADOC(仕様書)] some events have no docs (ponapalt)
0000160: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] ![notifyplugin]でも![raiseplugin]と同様にReferenceで情報を通知してほしい (ponapalt)
0000003: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] POPに複数のアカウントを追加した場合の挙動について (ponapalt)
0000038: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] 拡大/縮小時の補完処理の「シェル個別設定」がほしい。 (ponapalt)
0000115: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] 削除処理のOnVanishSelected以降をファイルを消さずに実行する機能 (ponapalt)
0000119: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] バルーン倍率をシェルと連携せずに別々に調整する機能 (ponapalt)
0000125: [SSPBT:本体(SSP)] Select different text to speech voices for Sakura and Kero (ponapalt)
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