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Summary0000558: Some existing ghosts/balloons affected by change to self alpha
DescriptionMay be related to 0000554

As of SSP 2.6.16, some ghosts and balloons that are using the self alpha option, but display a solid color background anyways, are now having their solid color backgrounds show. I saw another developer having troubles with their balloon's online marker, and now I tried this ghost: and it is having similar trouble, when it worked perfectly fine on the previous version of SSP.

It's strange; the behavior seems to be inconsistent. Despite all surfaces in this ghost having the background, only some of the frames display it. It could be a difference in how overlay is handled vs replace? But I'm not certain.
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2022-10-30 09:20

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2022-10-31 10:02

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This issue is still occurring, exactly the same as before


2022-11-02 09:04

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I've checked and found that your PNG files have a "tRNS" chunk. It means that your images have transparency information inside and SSP recognizes it apart from transparent key color (left-top pixel color).
Thats why your shell has solid color background.
Old SSP cannot recognize "tRNS" chunk due to bug, So current behavior is as intended.

To resolve this issue, just modify seriko.use_self_alpha to 0 in descript.txt. Your shell doesn't need PNG built-in transparency information, so this solves the problem.
Another plan is deleting "tRNS" chunk information from PNG using TweakPNG or other tools.

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