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Summary0000538: Surface dumper creates a dark outline where there is partial transparency
DescriptionI'm unsure if this is caused by the pna or not, so I included it just in case. default_correct is the original look of the surface, and default_incorrect is what it looks like from the surface dumper. I used the surface dumper because I wanted to omit the yellow spot in the top left corner, since it is just for transparency. But the surface dumper generated a dark outline, which you can see on the middle parts of the surface that are white.
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default_correct.png (3,776 bytes)   
default_correct.png (3,776 bytes)   
default_incorrect.png (4,042 bytes)   
default_incorrect.png (4,042 bytes)   
default.pna (3,063 bytes)   
default.pna (3,063 bytes)   


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2022-09-13 17:19 guest New Issue
2022-09-13 17:19 guest File Added: default_correct.png
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