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Summary0000383: Weird behavior with negative coordinates in balloon specifications
DescriptionI had an idea for a balloon with a galaxy design, where the online marker would make the stars in the design twinkle. However, I encountered a strange problem while setting this up.

Because I want the stars to twinkle for all sizes of the balloon (there are 3), I made the online marker 200x600, the size of the largest balloon. Then, for each of the smaller balloons, I set the Y of the online marker to negative coordinates so that it would display in the right position. The stars on the online marker are supposed to be in the same positions as the stars when the balloon is offline.

I forgot about the difference between coordinates written with a single - vs two --, and I was surprised to find that if you write with a single -, the whole online marker would reverse horizontally. I am unsure if this is intentional, since it is not applied consistently to all balloons.

With b4, my largest balloon size, I can simply set the Y coordinate of the online marker to 0, and it works fine. With b2, which is 200x400, I can set it to --200, and this works fine. If I set b0, which is 200x200, to --400, the online marker reverses horizontally.

If I try it the other way, and I set b2's online marker to -400 and b0's to -600, b0 will be correct but b2 will be reversed.

I'll include my balloon files as an example. At the moment I'm using --200 for b2 and -600 for b0, so that they look correct, but I don't want to release the balloon in this state if this behavior might change soon.

SSP 2.5.50, Windows 10
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