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Summary0000381: Let parallel function be used for sets of brackets
DescriptionI know I said before I would prefer if bracket sets with a -- only output one dialogue candidate instead of all of them, but it seems a shame to have to pick one or the other. What if we let the parallel function work for arrays output from a set of brackets, so that we have both options? So like this:

RandomTalk : nonoverlap
  parallel array:{

Currently, we can use the array modifiers to make an array of everything in the brackets, so it would make sense if you could add the parallel function to output all the resulting array elements as output candidates.
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2021-12-06 18:52

reporter   ~0000975

I'm not quite sure what you want the output to look like?


2021-12-06 22:22

reporter   ~0000976


2021-12-12 10:57

administrator   ~0000980

implemented yaya tc567-1

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