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Fixed in Version2.5 (リリース) 
Summary0000377: \s[-1] followed by \4 or \5 will delay the displacement until the next occurrence
DescriptionThis is inconsistent with the behaviour of ssp several versions ago: in previous versions \4 or \5 performed after \s[-1] would be executed when the role was not displayed, rather than being delayed until after the role was displayed again
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related to 0000376 closedponapalt When changing shells, if there is a move command present in the script after changing the shell, the ghost will not appear 
related to 0000369 closedponapalt When characters are hidden with \s[-1], their balloons don't scale properly 



2021-11-29 23:16

reporter   ~0000952

BTW: I'm trying to execute \1\4\5 sakura script repeatedly and sometimes the behaviour is rather strange
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2021-11-30 11:45

reporter   ~0000953

Not the original reporter, but I want to add to this. I've had a similar issue for the past several months where the move command won't execute if the character is hidden, which didn't happen in older versions of SSP. I forgot to report it until I saw this, but I think it may be related/the same issue... But in my case, the move command never executes, even after the character reappears. (Possibly because I'm having the character move instantly?)

Oddly, since the move command does not execute, it seems to cancel out the issue I reported in 0000376 ... The shell is able to change normally if the character hides itself before the change. It just doesn't move to the correct position.


2021-12-02 16:49

administrator   ~0000965


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