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Summary0000369: When characters are hidden with \s[-1], their balloons don't scale properly
DescriptionWhen characters are hidden with \s[-1], they will not change their scaling until they are visible again. This becomes an issue if the balloon scaling is linked to the shell scaling. There are several ghosts that use hidden characters to display extra balloons, and that extra balloon can become larger or smaller than the rest of the balloons if the user changes the shell scaling.

In the first image you can see the normal size of the balloons (the kero's balloon is much smaller than the sakura's). If you drag the kero onto the sakura, the kero will turn invisible and the sakura will display a surface of the kero being held. Then, if I make the shell scaling smaller, you can see in the second image that the kero's balloon is much larger than the sakura's because it did not change properly.

SSP 2.5.49, Windows 10
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related to 0000377 closedponapalt \s[-1] followed by \4 or \5 will delay the displacement until the next occurrence 



2021-11-24 10:38

reporter   ~0000951

An additional note: this only applies if the shell and balloon scaling are linked. With them unlinked, you can scale the balloon separately and it applies even to hidden characters with no issue.


2021-12-02 16:49

administrator   ~0000966


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