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Summary0000336: Detect cursor/other ghost position
DescriptionCould it be possible to allow a function for the ghost to detect the position of the cursor on the screen?

Maybe this should be a separate request, but could you make it so the ghost can also detect the position of other ghosts on the screen?
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2021-10-30 20:03

reporter   ~0000865

I just released a ghost this month that uses a function to detect cursor/own position!

You can detect the position of the cursor on the screen by using akari.dll.
AKARI can also be used as SAORI.

You can detect the position of other ghosts on the screen by using HandUtil.dll.
Argument0: GetRect
Argument1: HWND

By using YAYA: you can get HWND from SHIORI3FW.FMOTable:
By using AKARI:
By using HandUtil.dll:
Argument0: GetFMO


2021-11-04 11:49

reporter   ~0000873


And attached sample ghost using YAYA
detect-position-sample.nar (1,281,965 bytes)


2021-11-09 09:55

administrator   ~0000898

Last edited: 2021-11-09 09:55

You can also use the property system.

Mouse cursor position : (will implement next version)
You will get cursor positon via OnSomeEventName Reference0 (ver. 2.5.43 or after)

Other ghost position : (already available)
You can get window rectangle via OnSomeEventName Reference0


2021-11-09 10:43

administrator   ~0000903


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